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Audience response to After I Pick the Fruit during the 2012 independent and international film festivals has proven the educational value of the film to bring awareness of issues related to immigration, women’s studies, farmworker life and fruit production.  In addition programs at colleges and universities such as – Sustainable Food Systems, Women’s Studies, Film Studies, Rhetoric of Social Justice, and Latin American Studies – have found screenings with panel discussions to be fruitful encounters for their students. For a community organization and social justice forum, the film provides a valuable platform from which to lead discussions and workshops.

After I Picked the Fruit has helped Dartmouth give voice to a part of our community that often goes unheard on campus and goes unheard in our society at large.”
– Adam Knowlton-Young, Tucker Foundation, Dartmouth College

The DVD includes Subtitles in English and Spanish and DVD extras: Interview with Director, Nancy Ghertner; Healthcare for Migrant Women;  English as a Second Language in Elementary School; and a look at Advocacy for Farmworkers in New York State

Home Use

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The Home Use DVD is for personal use in your home. It can be used to share the film with private audiences.


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Community, Public Library, High School Use

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This DVD is licensed for community organizations, high schools, public libraries, and churches for in-house educational use.  Please submit a request using an institutional address and/or ordered on institutional letterhead to ask for this DVD. Contact the Director for the mailing address or for questions about using the DVD for public screenings.


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Educational and Institutional Use

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Colleges, Universities, Corporations and Government Agencies may purchase this DVD with classroom use rights under this license. This license specifically excludes the right to make any copy of the DVD or to encode it for streaming.  For questions about using the DVD for public screening please contact the Director for a public performance license.

If your school, college or university requires payment by check or purchase order or if you have any questions regarding the After I Pick the Fruit Educational DVD, please contact the Director.


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Public Screenings

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A public performance license for an audience of up to 125 people is available. The screening license may be added to the purchase of the Educational or Community Use DVD.  Please contact the Director for additional information and pricing.