After I Pick the Fruit humanizes migrant women

The Committee on U.S. – Latin American Relations (CUSLAR) at Cornell University reviews the documentary film – ‘After I Pick the Fruit’ – in connection with its recent screening at Cornell University. The review, written by Kathleen Sexsmith, highlights the position of the film in context of the apple growing region of New York State. To read the review go to page 14 of the electronic .pdf file on the CUSLAR.org website.

Excerpted from the Fall 2013 CUSLAR Newsletter:
“The central question of finding place is explored through a framing borrowed from cultural geography. In a fluid and cohesive narration style, Ghertner analyzes what she calls the geographies of work, individual and family needs, and security from the perspectives of migrant women. Her close personal ties to the community and to the women allow her to provide insights into the ways that the seasonality of East Coast agriculture and the politics of immigration come together with personal migration stories.”
Kathleen Sexsmith, is a PHD student in Development Sociology at Cornell University who is  studying the experience of migrant workers on New York dairy farms.