Discussing life “after the fruit” with filmmaker Nancy Ghertner

Kayla Young, journalist with FreshFruitPortal,  published a follow-up interview with Director, Nancy Ghertner after reviewing the film – After I Pick the Fruit, earlier in the week.  The on-line magazine based in Chile describes itself – “We are the voice of the Southern Hemisphere, for the ever changing world of fruit export. From New Zealand’s Kiwi, cherries from Chile, grapes from Brazil, Peruvian mangoes, Australian apples and pears or Mexican avocados, we compile a collection of original news reporting, press clippings, exclusive harvest trends and market reports. All is delivered to our readers free of charge.”

An excerpt from the interview of March 22, 2013.

From the beginning of production, Nancy has had an unspoken agreement with the women to create a piece that they felt comfortable with. She would ask for their input and share footage with them to ensure a collaborative, accurate final product. “It’s one thing to see yourself on television and another to see yourself in an interview. So there became a consciousness that the camera was there, which actually was good because my attitude toward the film was that they should have participation and ownership in terms of their permission and in terms of what we included,” Nancy said.

Here is the link to the full interview with Nancy Ghertner, Director of the film.